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‘Low Ash Primary continues to be a GOOD school’ – click here for the full report


  • Overall effectiveness is Good
  • The Quality of Education is Good
  • Behaviour and Attitudes are Good
  • Personal Development is Good
  • Leadership and Management is Good
  • Early Years Provision is Good

December 2019

  • Our school motto is Learn - Achieve - Persevere - Succeed

  • "Democracy is having a say in what happens in school and on changes to make our curriculum better"

  • "Liberty is having freedom to choose - clubs to try or a healthy meal option at lunchtime for example"

  • "Tolerance is accepting difference and being happy with someone who might look or sound different or have a different opinion or idea"

  • "Respect is treating people how you want to be treated or because you admire what they do. Respect people's feelings, their property or their rights and you will be respected too!"

  • "Laws are like rules; they keep things in order, keep us safe and help improve our school"

  • "Our values make us better people and the world a better place"

  • "We never give up - we just keep trying until we get there"

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Low Ash Primary School

‘Be the best that you can be!’

A caring, exciting and enjoyable place to learn – proud to be at the heart of the community.

Staff, parents, carers, governors and children work together to build a positive learning environment for all. By putting each child at the centre of learning, this ensures all children can excel and enjoy all aspects of school life at Low Ash, no matter what their abilities or backgrounds are, and be well equipped for the next stage in their education. We want our children to be the best that they can be.

We actively promote ‘Our Values’ of RESPECT, TOLERANCE, DEMOCRACY, LIBERTY and LAW, as well as independence and responsibility, to ensure our children leave Low Ash  better people: ready and well placed to make the world better.


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