“You can travel the seas, poles and deserts and see nothing. To really understand the world, you need to get under the skin of people and places. In other words, learn about geography.” (Michael Palin)

At Low Ash, our aim is to turn each and every child into a curious and enthusiastic geographer, opening them up to the diversity of the world around them. We aim to provide children with a multitude of knowledge, understanding and vocabulary so that they can not only be aware of things that happen in the world but so that they can also describe it using the correct vocabulary and have a deep understanding behind it. By providing the children with a high-quality understanding of key geography skills, facts and processes, we enable them to then make links and connections, so that they can be used in lots of different situations.  For example, using geographical language and skills in other subjects, such as the 8 points of a compass or knowledge of continents when discussing a place visited or where a book they are reading is set.

We strive to make Geography enjoyable for learners, providing them with practical, hands-on lessons and fieldtrips so they can use their skills and see geography first hand. By providing all learners with the chance to ‘get out and about’ and explore both their local and wider surroundings, we aim to develop a love and respect for the world and help to spark their curiosity and awe. This is turn will then encourage and inspire them to continue developing and deepening their geography knowledge and understanding due to their underlying interest of the subject.