Achievement Assembly

School Achievement Awards Week Ending Friday 24th November

Last week’s attendance (w/e 01/12/23) was 95.5%, which is below our target of 96% for this year.  Several classes had really good attendance; in Key Stage 2, the winners were 6LC with attendance of 99%. In Early Years/Key Stage 1, the winners were 1P with attendance of 99%. Very well done to all of these classes.

Star of the Week

Early Years & Key Stage 1

RB1 – Arthur C

RB2 – Nihal S

1P – On a trip this week

1RW – Mason S

2B – Zachary A

2M – Jensen C

Key Stage 2

3B – Isaac H

3T – Evie-Rose B

4B – Tilly H

4E – William B

4H – Max I-W

5B – Woody P

5S – Erin G

6LC – Jamie V

6LH – Freya L

Well done to all our Stars of the Week who have ‘stood out’ from the rest in their class! 

Thank you to all parents, carers and family members who continue to support our Achievement Assemblies so well.

Mrs F Meer and Mrs B Medhurst (Co-Headteachers) 

Whole school attendance so far 95.5%