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    Learn - Achieve - Persevere - Succeed

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    "Democracy is voting for our councillor and deciding on changes to our curriculum"

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    "Liberty is choosing what to eat at lunchtime and the right to choose your own friends"

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    "Tolerance is knowing everybody is different and that is fine, although we expect good behaviour from everyone in our class, whoever they are"

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    "Respect is when we listen to each other and treat each other how we want to be treated"

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    "Law is deciding our class, school and playground rules"

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Mission Statement

At Low Ash Primary School we place learning at the heart of all that we do.

Staff, parents, carers, governors and children work together to build a positive learning environment that fosters the growth and development of our pupils. We are a school where perseverance, hard work and determination is encouraged, where strong moral, social and emotional values are embedded, where triumphs, both academic and personal, are rewarded and our values underpin our success. By respecting each other and showing tolerance for all beliefs, we teach our children the importance of our community and the systems that uphold it. We promote law, democracy and liberty, embracing the individuality of our pupils and celebrating together what we achieve.