Over the past couple of years we have worked hard to make the Low Ash curriculum exciting and engaging – a curriculum in which all pupils can achieve and flourish.  We believe all stakeholders (pupils, parents, staff and governors) have an important part to play in the shaping of our curriculum, so changes have been made in light of feedback.  Residentials are now on offer from years 4 to 6; a bigger emphasis is based on art and design, including cooking and nutrition; pupils can enjoy peripatetic music lessons; and a wider variety of extra- curricular activities take place for pupils of all ages.

Pupils’ learning in the classroom is topic based with 3 or 4 main learning challenges per year group, all underpinned by the school’s 5 core values – tolerance, law, respect, democracy and liberty. These are reflected in pupils’ daily learning.  Each learning challenge begins with an exciting hook to submerge the children into their learning and give them a thirst for knowledge, for example a visit by Roman invaders at the start of their learning challenge (Y4). On completion of topics we encourage pupils to reflect on their learning, which might be in class, an ICT based reflection or an event for parents in which pupils get the opportunity to show off their knowledge and the work they have produced.  In addition, we also ensure children learn beyond the four walls of the classroom to gain first hand experiences of the world around them, undertaking frequent visits to support and reinforce learning.

I really enjoyed sewing as it was really fun to make a rag doll from scratch.” (Emily, Y6)

I really liked DT and also working in the garden.” (Leah, Y6)

I enjoyed Creative Carousel because you get to learn lots of new things and create lots of things. Cooking was my favourite because of all the new techniques we learnt.” (Chelsey, Y6)