Our computing curriculum will turn our pupils from being “the slaves of technology into its masters…from mere consumers of technological stuff into its creators”

(Simon Peyton Jones, NCCE Chair).

As part of their computing education at Low Ash, our pupils will use underlying ideas to survive and thrive in a world of rapid technological change. In order to make sound, well-informed judgements on issues concerning technology and more in society, our pupils need to explore and engage in a computing curriculum that gives them a broadly based level of technological understanding of the world. Across a huge and continuously growing range of professions, every child at our school will need to make some use of computing technology; if they understand how technology works then this will give them the tools they need to flourish in the future. Computer science is hugely empowering for individuals and for society in general and we want our pupils to feel empowered so that their lives can be changed for the better.