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Accessibility Plan
Accessibility Policy
Assessment Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy
Bereavement Policy
Breakfast Club Policy
Care and Control Policy
CCTV Policy
CCTV Privacy Impact Assessment
Charging & Remission Policy
Child Protection Policy
Child Protection Policy addendum
CLA Policy
Code of Conduct Governors Policy
Collective Worship Policy
Complaints Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Curriculum Policy
Debt Recovery Policy
Energy Policy
Equality Policy
EYFS Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
GDPR Data Protection Policy
GDPR Privacy Notice
Health and Safety Policy
ICT Acceptable Use Policy
Inclusion (inc SEND, Medical, EAL, CLA, Vulnerable Learners, G&T) Policy
Induction of New Staff and Governors Policy
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy
No Smoking Policy
NQT Induction Policy
Online Safety Policy
Pupil Premium Policy
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Remote Learning Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Safeguarding Appendix 1 – Safer Recruitment
Safeguarding Appendix 2 – Volunteer Policy
Safeguarding Appendix 3a – Missing Child
Safeguarding Appendix 3b – Child Absconding or Missing from Educational Visit
Safeguarding Appendix 3c – Child Absconding from School
Safeguarding Appendix 3d – Child Missing from School
Safeguarding Appendix 4 – Educational Visits Policy
Safeguarding appendix 5 – Medical Policy
Safeguarding Appendix 6 – First Aid Policy
Safeguarding Appendix 7 – Intimate Care Policy
School Uniform Policy
Social Media Policy
Use of Photography and Filming Policy
Young Carers Policy