A group of children, chosen by children, to be the voice of the children.

On this page you will find details of the work of our School Council.  This group of children are an important team in school and take their role very seriously.  They are an elected group of pupils who represent themselves and other pupils by working alongside teachers and the Leadership Team to make positive changes to school.  The School Council is led by Mrs Medhurst.

Our new school council elections took place at the start of the year. The hall was set up as a polling station and all pupils from years 1 – 6 had the opportunity to cast their votes.  Votes were counted that night by the school prefects and results were announced the next day. The following children have been elected as school councillors for 2018-2019

Holly and Meysam – Year 1

Henry and Violet – Year 2

Lowen and Freya – Year 3

Sapphire-Lea and Alex – Year 4

Harmony and Marshall  Year 5

Rhys, Mia, Alicia and Grace – Year 6 and also representing Reception/Nursery classes.

Each class has a suggestion jar that their school council representative will bring to School council meetings. The suggestions and issues will be discussed and then raised with the appropriate people in school; Mr Woollin, Mr Byrne, class teachers, lunch time staff etc.