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Terry Woollin

Headteacher, All Aspects of School Development, Quality of Teaching and Learning, Appraisal, Building, Attendance Management, Race Equality, Community Links and Finances, Behaviour Management and Named Person Child Protection

Elizabeth Medhurst

Deputy Headteacher, Staff Development, INSET Management, Named Person Child Protection, Performance Management, Behaviour Management, Risk Assessment,  Curriculum Development, School Council, Advisor for KS2, NQT Mentor and part-time teacher in Year 6

Fiona Meer

Deputy Headteacher, English Leader, Leader for Disadvantaged Children, Named Person Child Protection, Advisor for Early Years and KS1 and Class Teacher for 6HM

Dan Hurst 

Assistant Headteacher, Investors in Pupils, Assessment Leader, Named Person Child Protection, Maths Leader and Class Teacher for 6HM

Janina Grimshaw

Inclusion leader -Special Needs Leader and Named Person Child Protection



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