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Whole School Letters

October Newsletter

Update letter 15.10.21

Update letter 08.10.21

Update letter 01.10.21

Update letter 24.09.21

Update letter 17.09.21

Update letter 10.09.21

Update letter 16.07.21

Update letter 09.07.21

Update letter 25.06.21

Update letter 18.06.21

Update letter 11.06.21

Update letter 14.05.21

Update letter 07.05.21

Update letter 30.04.21

Update letter 23.04.21

Update letter 16.04.21

Update letter 19.03.21

Update letter 12.3.21

Update letter 05.03.21

Update letter 25.2.21

Update letter 05.02.21

Update letter 29.01.21

Update letter 22.01.21

Update Letter 15.01.21

Update Letter 18.12.20

Update Letter 04.12.20

Update Letter 27.11.20

Update Letter 20.11.20

Update Letter 13.11.20

Update Letter 04.11.20

Initial letter regarding Remote Learning

Update letter 9.10.20

Update letter 25.09.20

Update letter 18.09.20

Headteacher’s letter 11.09.20

Welcome to the new year group meetings Sep 2020

Update letter 1.09.20

After School Clubs Letter Autumn 1 2020

Update Letter 15.07.20

Letter to parents – latest update 26.5.20

Update letter 22.05.20

Update letter 15.05.20

Update letter 01.05.20

Update letter 24.04.20

Update letter 17.04.20

Parent Support Guide during School Closure 01.04.20

Coronavirus letter 27.03.2020

Coronavirus letter 25.03.2020

Coronavirus advice for schools

We have been asked by Public Health England to make you aware of the official advice for schools in case of Coronavirus affecting children and staff returning to school from abroad. There is currently no cause for concern at the school, but we will keep you informed of any developments and obviously ensure that we are keeping the school clean to prevent the spread of any virus.

Foundation Spring Two

Nursery Spring Two 2020

Reception Spring Two 2020

Key Stage One Spring Two

Year One Spring Two 2020

Year Two Covering Letter Spring Two 2020

Year Two Spring Two 2020

Lower Key Stage Two Spring Two

Year Three Covering Letter Spring Two 2020

Year Three Spring Two 2020

Year Four Covering Letter Spring Two 2020

Year Four Spring Two 2020

Upper Key Stage Two Spring Two

Year Five Covering Letter Spring Two 2020

Year Five Spring Two 2020

Year Six Covering Letter Spring Two 2020

Year Six Spring Two 2020


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