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We value parents as partners in the education of pupils at Low Ash. Any work done at home will be an important contribution to their development.

Home/School Reading Partnership

Reading is one of the most important skills your child will develop. Being able to read opens the door to so many other things. We would ask you to support our reading partnership by listening to your child read daily. Further information is available in school as are our lovely red Low Ash book bags, priced £3.50.

Home/School Spelling Partnership

From the beginning of Reception, children are given key words to learn to read, and subsequently learn to spell. Towards the end of Reception or early in Year 1 children begin our spelling programme. We ask for your support in helping children learn their spellings weekly.

Numeracy. L.B.H. books (Learn By Heart)

To support our Numeracy lessons children need to learn by heart many number facts. From Year 1 onwards children bring home a range of facts to learn. We ask for your support in helping your child learn their L.B.H. work weekly.

Other Subjects – Science and Foundation Subjects

During each half term we study different topics which may focus on science or one of the foundation subjects. These topics are explained in our half-termly newsletters. We ask you to support whenever you can and whenever it is appropriate, for example by collection information or artefacts from home and bringing them into school. Finding out together can be great fun.

It is difficult to quantify the time spent on homework for the younger children but this will include regular special time sharing books with their family and from a few minutes to up to half an hour a day on the areas outlined above. As children move into Years 5 and 6 more regular homework is given.

Years 3/4

Children in Key Stage 2 are given a homework diary in which all homework is to be written down. Children need to take this diary to school every day and bring it home every evening. We request that parents sign the diary at the end of the week to indicate that all homework has been completed. We feel that the diary is an important means of communication between home and school.

In Years 3/4 all children will receive spellings and Learning By Heart on a regular basis, usually, weekly. Children also bring home reading books and library books. In addition, teachers will often set other homework either on a regular or occasional basis and this will be listed in the diary. Please encourage your child(ren) to complete any homework to the best of their ability and return it to school on the required day.

Years 5/6

In order to prepare the children for the homework requirements of secondary school, children in Year 5/6 are given a larger amount of homework than children lower down the school. In addition to reading, spellings and Learn by Heart, the children are given three other pieces of homework per week. One piece of homework is given in both the set English and the set Maths lessons. One extra piece of work is given by the Class Teacher in another subject. As a general guide to parents each piece of set homework should take approximately 40 minutes to complete.

In Years 5/6 we understand that a child may not always be able to complete homework on time. If a child is unable to complete homework for any reason we request that the child’s parents/carers write a note to the class teacher explaining why homework has not been completed. The child will then be given additional time to complete the homework and no sanctions will be given.

If however, homework is not completed and there is no note then the child will be given an extra day to complete it. If homework is still not completed the next day then the child will be given detention at lunchtime and will be expected to complete homework during that time. We feel these sanctions are essential to help children get into the routine of doing homework and completing it on time.