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On a fantastic sunny day, a group of Year 6 children went to Bradford University and experienced a variety of skills to do when they’re older: programming robots, knowing how students work at the university and getting to see where students live while they are at university. We had an excellent time and never gave up when we were trying to programme our Lego robots. Also we learned what jobs we might be able to have when we finished at the University. We hope that we get the chance to learn at Bradford University when we are older.

Bradford University is a place where people come to learn a subject that they want to do as a job. People stay in a flat whilst learning.  When we visited, there were only some students left and, as we were looking around, somebody was leaving to go home.

As we were there, we learnt that after it finished they got a grade so it tells them if they passed or not. They play a lot of sport as well.

Bradford University does lot of topics for all subjects. You need to go to university for most jobs, but some things you don’t need to go.

by Sebastian and Alfie